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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> houthi rebels release six hodges as u.n. talks to try to resolve the yemen conflict resume. hello again, here in doha this is the world news from al jazeera. thousands of refugees flood to europe. we report how many are falling prey to crimes as they start their journey. israeli prime minister meets vladimir putin. plus. >> the emmy goes to. >> the biggest night. we look at some of the
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highlights of this year's emmy awards. >> hello. the release of six hostages held by houthi rebels in yemen. the houthi say they're planning a mass rally in sanaa to celebrate the anniversary of their capture. >> caught in the cross fire. civilians seek safe shelters in taiz where fighting has taken over in the last few days. progress is slow. >> the terrain is not healthful at all. the houthis have mined most of
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the fields in this area, and so we're cautious. yemen has not deployed most of its unities yet. >> their leader remains defiant. >> we are confident we will ultimately prevail. our people have defeated invaders in the past, and we will do the same thing again. we will continue the fight until we liberate each and every inch of our country. >> the houthi leader seems to be willing to compromise. his group has freed three saudi hostages as well as two americans and britains. with the help of oman. oman is trying to mediate a political settlement between yemen's warring factions. but these deals may be a long way.
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the saudi-led co-alatio coalition continues its hold. 1924 say they will only join talks if the houthies hand over weapons and withdraw from the cities it has taken over. >> al jazeera has spoken with on people who live in the area. this is one doctor's story. >> i used to lead a normal life. go to work and work in my business. i used to also own a pharmaceutical company with my partner. my country has suffered great losses. ultimately my company went bankrupt. i'm not alone. even the wealthy have started to suffer. people wonder how we survive. my wife and i are lucky. we're government employees. we have something.
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others have nothing. our people have become victims an. >> this lady has become like a dear mother to me. she and her family were forced to flee from taiz as a result of the fierce fighting and heavy shelling. they now face hardship. they have no money. they are no money to pay the rent for the last three months. but we and the generous people in sanaa are trying to give this dear mother a helping hand with her rent. >> i really feel for my people and my family. we once had flourishing businesses, enough money, enough friends, and overnight everything started fading away. >> to other news, 32 people have been killed in serie-a in a government airstrike in aleppo. the strike hit a government
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market. russia's president met the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to discuss the war in serie-a. >> it's a measure hour seriously israel takes to build up russian arms and ammunition in serie-a in that prime minister benjamin netanyahu has the head of military intelligence, those groups will work out ways that they will not come into contact as this deployment really starts to ramp up. there are fears, too, from israel that the amount of weapons and cutting edge weapons that go into serie-a could end up in the wrong hands. now don't get it wrong. israel is not saying that russia is supplying arms to his hezbollah or any or terror group.
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but what they're saying is that the situation, the political a situation in serie-a is so chaotic that these weapons could end up in the wrong hands. the israelis are also worried that the defense systems could restrict israel's use of fighter jets. they could decide it is necessary to bomb hezbollah convoys carrying any weapons to their bases. >> now eastern european ministers are meeting on monday to try to overcome their differences. thousands of refugees, many of them fleeing war are stuck between croatia, slovenia and hungary. they would open a makeshift camp on the border of serbia. thousands of people have come into the country in the last few days. a look at hungary, hundreds
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of refugees there trying to border trains to take them to croatia. some climb through the winds to get a seat on the packed carriages. and the hungarian government has posted these advertisements not to enter its territory. if anyone who attempts to get into hungary without permission will be punished. well, the u.n. said 80% of refugees now in europe are from either serie-a, afghan or iraq. but just getting out of those countries just isn't dangerous, it's expensive. we'll look at iraq where people are falling prey to bogus travel agents charging large sums of money for fake visas. >> well, across baghdad you see signs like these. they offer visa services. more than that they offer hope and a chance to leave the violence of iraq. some of these agencies offer
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legitimate services. there are others who operate illegally. they fraud desperate people and defraud them of thousands of dollars. this man is one of them. he does not want to reveal his face because he is afraid. >> i spoke, and they told me that there would an commercial fare taking place in sweden, and that he would be able to arrange invitation from a swedish company who would sponsor me. all i had to do was to go to turkey and pick up the visa from the embassy there. they asked me for $1,500 and i was stuck in turkey with no money and no visa. i asked about the smuggler, he said that if i said anything he
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would kill my family. i had no choice but to let him keep the money. >> the shorts are saying that they're investigating the visa fraud. but so far no one has been brought to court. administration of migration and displacement a has seen a number of people seeking to get out of iraq. >> realistically, iraqis are leaving. we're aiming to educate them and warn them of the dangers of the journey. we know that this is a problem, and we're looking into it. >> there are no accurate figures of how much money the visa fraud industries is worth or how many people have been defrauded because no one is willing to go to the police and report such crimes. during the course of al jazeera's investigation we uncovered several alleged cases amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. there are many like martin who are desperate enough to pay. that desperation is mixed with
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frustration. a lot of foreign embassies do not offer services. some are willing to go to jordan and lebanon and apply for visas there. that combined with the misery of living in iraq means that smugglers have a willing market to exploit, and they take them for thousands of dollars. >> now the european union has congratulated alexis tsipras for winning the election in greece. >> opinion polls said that alexis tsipras would come out the winners in this election but by a slim margin.
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however, the voter turn out is an important number in this election. it is the lowest in more than 40 years, since 1974. that has something to do with the fact that many greeks say that they're tired and their disappointment, this is not the first election, not the last election, and anyway, this mandate of whoever would win is quite clear. they need to get on with these austerity measures, these reforms. they need to be voted in parliament before the end of the year. some of the local reports here are saying more than 120 reforms and bills need to be passed through parliament. certainly a lot of work ahead. every sector of this society is going to be touched. there is going to be tough decisions to take when it comes to social security, when it comes to pensions. when it comes to the privatization, for example, of the ports, a long list that
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alexis tsipras signed on to when he ran, there is a lot he needs to do for the third bail out to come true. >> schools out are in yes and no as teachers strike for classrooms to close. on a mission of peace, pope francis celebrates mass with ten thousands of followers in havana cuba. >> what's the cost of harvesting america's food? >> do you see how it will be hard to get by on their salary? >> yeah >> fault lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... fault lines invisible hands
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>> top stories here for you on al jazeera. the first anniversary of the yemen capital forces are marching not far from the capital of sanaa. they say they must withdraw from captured territory before taking part in peace talks. trying to solve the growing refugee crisis. croatia is opening makeshift camps on the board with serbia. israel fears that russian weapons will end up in the wrong hands. 14 million public school children in kenya have no class to go to because of a three-week-old teachers strike. they'rthey are wanting a pay rise of 50%, but the government said it cannot forward it.
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>> this is one of the places where children can go. the shelter was started by a non-profit organization years ago to help a handful of children with their after school tuition. few weeks ago hundreds have been turning up not only to study, but also to have a bag of porridge. >> who are to blame? >> the government. >> the schools have been closed indefinitely, and there seems to be no solution in sight. there is so much mistrust between the government and the teachers. the government said that it is not sustainable. and the teachers said that the government is not being sincere, and meanwhile millions of children continue to miss out.
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>> if we tech us, they would have no choice, and would be forced to harmo harmonize wages across the entire public sector. and based on last year's tax revenue our wage bill would therefore rise from 52% to 61 percent of all revenues collected. >> teachers continue to protest, and they have the support of many kenyans. they say that politics and emotions have overshadowed the economics surrounding the strike. >> what the national government has never done is to make people understand. we're a poor country. so the government must spread the government money across all needs. >> it does not look like these
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kids will go back to school any time soon. the court will rule on the legality of the strike. 280,000 teachers said until then they will not back down. >> and shopping mall workers in kenya have lit candles to remember the dead from the gunman attack. the second anniversary of the mall siege in nairobi, 67 people were killed when al-shabab fighters stormed the mall. al-shabab government has been pushed out of most of their major stronghold from somalia, but some have spread north into the mountains. leaders there are now appealing for help to drive al-shabab out. >> the rugged mountains of northeastern somalia are the new
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front line in the fight against al-shabab. here members of the group have been holding out here for several years. they have seen dozens of their fighters heading north. >> the al-shabab left here about 300. they're more or less on the run as we outnumber them. we have proven clashes with them. >> these men know that they can be ambushed at any moment. so they fire probing shots. get nothing response they move forward. the president say these forces have been led to their own devices. they need more arms and ammunition. >> we are fighting with no help. and this is with the new addition of security. the threats from yemen is stil
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still-- >> the progres progress has been slow but there have been successes. this area is now under control of puntland's forces. more of its residents return to their homes. it's a strategic hideout for sal shah babb, and a base where they receive armed shipment from neighboring yemen. the town is heavily militarized 37 ye, yet all these soldiers are not enough to insure the residents great life is not what it used to be. most people are still displaced. we have no schools for our kids, and our farms, our only source of livelihood, has been destroyed. >> the forces continue their offense. they say they won't rest until
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sal shah babb are defeat: they know it will be a very slow process. al jazeera, northeast somalia. >> thousands of anti-government protesters return to the streets of beirut in lebanon demanding an end to a rubbish crisis. activists broke through police lines to rush to the lebanese parliament. they were blocked by military forces. protests began two months ago after a landfill site was closed leading to rubbish pile up on the streets. the end of the new england watchdog agency said that investigation is meeting standards. iaea have arrived to take samples. it's the first time the agency has been able to visit the site. it's suspected that nuclear
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chemicals have been test there had. in indonesia farmers are relying on government help to buy food and water. crops have been destroyed because some areas have not had rain for six months. the weather phenomenon known as el nino is being blamed. >> the crops have run dry after a hal half year without rain. one tank costs around $10. that's a huge amount for the poor farmer. >> we're trying to bring less now and we'll keep up the water. i have been reduced to one. >> monsoon rains are expected to start two months later than usual because of the weather phenomenon known as el niño.
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all right half of the crops have failed. even the local staple, which does not need a lot of water, is not growing. this lake is an important source for drinking water. but for the last five months it has been dry. nearly half a year without a drop of water. and people in the worst-hit areas are already getting very worried about the food and drinking supplies. but these dire weather conditions are going to stay here for time to come. >> the government has started the process of what is called cloud seeding in an effort to create rain. planes flying over the worst hit areas in. >> have a are releasing salt into the clouds. a procedure that causes raindrops to become heavy and fall. but because there are not enough clouds results are limited. there have been the distribution of water pumps. but without any water sources, farmers are struggling.
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>> thwe don't know when it will start to rain. i'm really worried about food supplies. >> the government insists food stocks are still sufficient, but experts say this is too optimistic. the minister of agriculture admits the effects of el niño has yet to be calculated. >> we have enough stocks for the next few months. what i'm worried about is if el niño lasts until november, then we have to recalculate, and we might be forced to import rice. >> millions of affected farmers cannot wait that long. nearly every rice farming has failed already and now they rely on the government for food and basic necessary like drinking water.
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al jazeera, indonesia. >> pope francis has arrived in the hometown of the cuban president raul castro, we're looking at picture is of just a short time ago where he will lead morning mass in the city which is expected to attract more than 150,000 people. on sunday the pontiff met fidel castro. >> pope francis listened as a young man addressed him on behalf of cuba's youth. many have abandoned their country in search of a different life. >> we the youth in hope of a different future. cuba, a country that can welcome all its children regardless of the way they think. >> they again appeal for the acceptance of people's differences in cuba. an one-party communist stake for organized opposition is not tolerated.
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>> enmity destroys the family. enmity destroys the country. enmity destroys the world. we see a world destroying itself because it is incapable of sitting down and talking. >> here in cuba pope gran citizen is calling for a peace mission between colombian government and farc rebel leaders to end 50 years of armed con picture. >> please, we have no right to avow ourselves to fail again in this path of peace and reconciliation. >> indeed, he's made reconciliation his overriding theme here. >> francis is the third pope to address the cuban people from this plaza in less than 20 years. something that the vatican sees as exceptional but justified in the role the pope plays and establishing diplomatic ties between cuba and the united states. and in that context, his trip
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from here directly to washington is significant. >> tens of thousands of believers and non-believers attended this spanish-speaking pope's open air mass in the plaza of the revolution. fedissidents tried to approach the pope mobile throwing anti-government leaflets before they were taken away. the pope met with fidel castro and close members of his family. following a meeting with president raul castro. but the pope is no communist. service is never ideological, he said. we serve people not ideas. lucia newman, al jazeera, hava havana.
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>> this year's record-breaking emmy awards, which was dominated by the show "game of thrones." a hugely popular medieval fantasy drama series along with an unprecedented 11 awards. >> viola davis, eye how to get away with murder." >> tv loves making history. >> let me tell you something. the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> it was a sweet victory for the epic "game of thrones." with 12 prizes in total including outstanding drama series. the show now holds the record for the most tv academy awards in a single year surpassing "the
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west wing. >> i thanking hbo for believing in dragons. and thank you all for watching. >> there was the usual humor, like this from four-time outstanding comedy winner julius louis-dreyfus. >> what a great honor it must be for you to honor me tonight. [ audience laughing ] oh wait, oh god, i'm so sorry, donald trump said that. i'm sorry. >> that meant leading actor john hamm went home with his first trophy after eight nominations for the role while host jon stewart wounded up the daily show. he left the show in august after historic 16-year run marked by
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multiple awards. >> thank you so very much. you will never have to see me again. thank you. >> gerald tan, al jazeera. >> there go. plenty more news for you. the breaking news. the video on demand. all at >> pope francis traveled east of havana holding a second mass this morning in cuba. his visit to roots of the catholic church there. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. >> ben carson's campaign responds after the presidential contender


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